become inmortal

Immortal is the feeling of holding your firstborn child. Irreplaceable euphoria that is
remembered beyond time and life. We all feel these divine moments throughout our journey. Sitting at your child’s graduation, getting the promotion you fought so hard for, or going out to
the local bar to watch your team win it all with Inmortal.

The energy, light, purity and power felt when experiencing these moments are everlasting in spirit. Immortal is a state of mind and emotion of “being”. Our iconic bottle, with a halo ring keepsake and carved wings, represents these moments. Don’t just live; live Immortal.

INMORTAL is eternal, the spirit of everlasting moments.

What does “INMORTAL” mean to you?

If your entry is selected, to show our Immortal appreciation, we will engrave your message on the ring of our bottles!

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